The BRP BUDS application allows diagnostics and access
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The BRP BUDS application allows diagnostics and access.
The basic level applies to 2-Stroke carbureted SeaDoos and Sportboats. Functionality in the basic level include DESS key security management, timing adjustment and general ski information such as ID#’s, Run Time, Purchase History and Last service info. You can not change the run hour history. You can change the number of hours since last service and the rental hours.

The advance level applies to RFI, DI and 4-TEC skis. In addition to those items in the basic level, you can adjust the TPS (throttle position sensor), monitor the engine while running, activate various components on the ski, read and clear faults and view history of the ski which includes: last 30 seconds run time, minimum and maximum sensor readings, lifetime limp time, RPM lifetime profile, and parts replacement. 4-TECs have some additional functions to the above.

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